Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Beard Care Gift Set w/ Scented Beard Wax/Balm ,Beard Softening Oil Conditioner,Beard Bristle Brush + Shampoo/Wash + Mustache Scissors for
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?Beard Kit As Men's Gift Set?The packaged comes in a premium box with all the Beard Care products including Beard Care Oil,Beard Care Balm,Beard Shampoo,Beard Brush and Beard Scissors.Come ready for as a Beard mens gift.Perfect Gifts for Men/Dad/Husband/Boyfriend,fiancé who has already have or is going to have a Beard/mustache! ?Beard Conditioning Oil?With Tee Tree Oil & Vitamin E,Specially formulated to soften and smooth facial hair and provide natural shine and hydration to beards and mustaches while treating the skin underneath.Helps to soothe irritation caused by dryness, ingrown hairs and bacteria. ?All Natural Beard Care Balm? A Good Balm should moisturize your facial hair while providing hold for styling and making your beard look thicker.The material of our Beard Orange Scented Balm is 100% Nature.Contains argan and grapeseed oils shea butter and Bee wax to moisturize your beard and skin to avoid beardruff and itch.At the same time,promote growth and provides hold. ?Beard Shampoo & Brush & Scissors?Our beard shampoo has a scent that you find pleasing,full of natural ingredients keeps your beard Clean, conditional, softening.A good brush will help to tame your beard,train your beard follicles to grow in a uniform direction,Keep facial hair well-groomed and neat.With the equipped extra sharp stainless steel barber beard scissors,We can trim the out of control beard/mustache at home. ?Satisfaction Warranty?We offer 100% satisfaction warranty,Not Happy with it?Pls feel free to contact us for a refund.
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